Creation Matters




“All this beauty is of God.”

(Isle of Wight motto)

Creation Matters! is a network of individuals, from churches across the Isle of
Wight, that seeks to encourage and inspire creation care on and around the Island.
We seek to bring hope and practical good news to the places where we live through
innovative community engagement.
Creation Matters! was formed in 2022 and has attracted Christians from churches
across the Isle of Wight. The aim is to encourage and inspire creation care through
developing an understanding of the Christian response to climate change and
improving biodiversity. Anybody can join the network on the understanding that it is
distinctly a Christian initiative.
We gather, discuss and disseminate practical information and advice and bring
prayerful hope to this beautiful Island through community engagement within and
beyond the Christian church.
We have been supported and inspired in our development by Christian organisations
such as A Rocha UK, Tearfund and Hope for the Future.
Our plans include:
• Presenting our thoughts to the parliamentary candidates this year in the hope that
creation care is a high priority for the next Government.
• Celebrating relevant initiatives across the Island.
• Supporting churches to work towards an Eco Church award.
• Empowering Christians to raise creation care issues in all aspects of their worship
and church life.
• Developing a Creation Matters! website for awareness raising, support, and the
sharing of information and resources.