Pipeline Prayer

The Wight Church Network has hosted and encouraged prayer opportunities over several years including Pray the Wight  where we have been able to gather from across the denominations and across the Island asking God for Transformation in our Community. We have also prayed regularly for local ministries, mission initiatives and community agencies within the Urban Trinity. There are many important things to pray about and we have now started this Prayer Newsletter to pass on to each other the information we need to pray wisely and strategically.

On one special occasion in 2016 we met with Steve Lee who has been working extensively in the former Calais Jungle and among the potential immigrants into the UK. During his visit he made us aware of the amazing PLUTO pipeline which was laid across the Chanel from the Island during the war to fuel the defense of  freedom in Europe. There is we believe great prophetic significance in that pipeline which is why we have named this Prayer Newsletter “Pipeline”. We want to see the oil or fuel of the Holy Spirit released and the purposes of God fulfilled in the Island and abroad. Take a look at the Video

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