South Wight area Youth Partnership


SWAY’s (South Wight area Youth Partnership) is a Christian organisation whose aim is to give ‘Hope and Focus’ for the youth of South Wight. This encapsulates what we do and are as SWAY. We are passionate about getting young people together, giving them opportunities to grow, work, play and fulfil their potential.

We believe young peoples’ lives can be transformed regardless of their background or circumstances. Our desire is to meet young people where they are, accept them as they are, and to provide events and groups that will build up self-confidence, improve self-worth and empower them to discover their own potential.

SWAY works with children, and a growing number and range of young people and their families. SWAY aspires to develop individuals who can cope with whatever life throws at them, to have hopes and dreams for their future and the skills to make their aspirations a reality.

We have established a relationship with young people through our youth groups and drop-in evenings. For our families these groups and events also provide encouragement and impetus as well as opportunities to work together and recognise that they are not alone in in their area in facing their challenges. These activities such as a residential, night hike or bonfire party relieve that sense of isolation and improves self-worth and esteem. SWAY’s activities and groups also provide opportunities for some of our young people to volunteer to help these events run efficiently.

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