Christian Home Education

Christian Home Education

As Christian parents, are you concerned about schools where teachings are often immoral or against God’s rules and values?
Do you believe in brainwashing your children with evolution teaching and teaching them that “If it feels right it must be right!”
Is bullying a problem, or does your child have learning difficulties because of pressure or stress at school or because he or she is a slow worker or a slow developer?
Then perhaps you might consider home education.

Christian home education with T.E.A.C.hH (Christian Education Europe) is an option, not unduly expensive and entirely based on scripture.

It is well made, attractive (my boys love it), adapted to the pace of the child, high academic standard and offers a certificate at the end, comparable to the GCSE. It is recognised for entry to colleges or good universities.

If you would like to know more about it, we would love to hear from you.

Jim and Mireille Clark

Contact number 611139