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Bible Society, based in Swindon, is part of a fellowship of 146 Bible Societies around the world. The Society seeks to see the Bible available, accessible and credible, enabling millions at home and abroad to encounter the Bible in a new way. The Bible’s message can transform lives, which is why the Society is committed to:

  • Making the Scriptures available to everyone in their own language, in a suitable format and at a price they can afford;
  • Encouraging individuals and communities to deepen their understanding and renew their engagement with the Scriptures;
  • Showing that the Bible can make a positive difference in our society and a vital contribution to the way we live.

On the Island speakers, displays, church representatives, the Ryde Action Group and Island representation all do their best to publicise. Managers and representatives from Bible Society often visit to give updates to churches and leadership.

Many resources are available to churches and groups and individuals, including lyfe, h+, Bible Sunday and Open the Book. Bible Society also runs Christian Research (a market research agency offering bespoke and panel research into the Christian world) and Christian Resources Exhibitions, a series of 3 or 4 exhibitions around the UK offering resources to equip and empower the church. More information on the latest campaigns, news and supporter opportunities can be found through the Society’s website

25 Island churches and a multitude of individual supporters help Bible Society work with their gifts. In particular many support the Bible a Month scheme.

Area Manager:
Christian Resources Exhibitions:
Island Rep: Rob Prentice: 01983 200850

Bible Society Resources

Products / services
Bible Society Resources is the Society’s printing and publishing arm, producing Bibles and Bible-related resources for the UK and worldwide markets. Customers (individuals or churches) in the UK can see the range of Bibles (including non-English), books, DVDs and other resources available for purchase via our Online Shop at

By ordering from this Online Shop, you are helping to support Bible Society’s mission to promote the Bible’s availability, accessibility and credibility. Thank you.