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Island-born and island-based Christian author Michele Neal
michele neal
Titles by the Author
wake upend of the world


Available Now!
Come on Church! Wake Up! – Sin Within the Church And What Jesus Has to Say About It  

Coming Very Soon! (June 2014) The End of The World – And What Jesus Has to Say About It 

Signed copies for both books available direct from the author. Please visit either of her websites www.comeonchurchwakeup.com  and www.theendoftheworld.uk.com  and click on the ‘Contact’ tab to send an email, leaving your full name and address so that we can contact you to arrange for payment and delivery.

Alternatively send an email with your details to info@comeonchurchwakeup.com  or office@theendoftheworld.uk.com

Follow Michele on her two Facebook pages for both books and also on Linkedin (accessible via the websites above)   Telephone: 01983 761448